The night on Lake Superior

In 1969, my fist husband and I hitched down from Manitouwadge to Wawa and then out to Lake Superior for a beach party in a secluded cove. It was sunset when we scrambled over the rocks to the cove only to discover there was no party.

By then, it was too dark to risk the rocky return so we camped, built a fire and cooked our dinner, spread out our sleeping bag a few feet from the edge of the Great Lake. That night was the Presides Meteor Shower, which we didn’t know about. Just so many falling stars.

It was a moonless night and the celestial show was amazing. We fell asleep under the stars only to be woken by a bear in the bush. We stirred up the fire and the bear left. Soon I caught a movement and then another and finally could see dozens of large toads damp with the dew coming towards the light of the fire. The flickering light made them look as if encrusted with beautiful jewels in many colours flickering back. It was a magical night and we again drifted off to sleep under the stars and sparks from our fire rising to greet the meteorites, flicking in the black velvet sky.

We woke to a lovely sunrise and after breakfast packed and returned to civilization.


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