Day 4: The City of “BOT”trop


Yesterday I joined over one million spectators at the famous Rose Monday Parade in Cologne, Germany. According to my Wikipedia knowledge, it is the biggest carnival event in Germany and one of the largest street festivals in Europe.

I was flattered to see so many people who recognized me from television. You would think that they would be more interested in the fun floats and costumes. My friend Tom wore his heart on his cheek as he showed me around the parade. I could not stop smiling from ear to ear.

In the afternoon, I was picked up by Peter who drove me to Bottrop in his fancy sports car. The Porsche was so fast; I was flying by the seat of my pants. Or at least my pool noodle legs. Once I arrived, I got to experience the life of a postman thanks to my new friend Günther. I joined him on his bike route to deliver some letters. Do you think they named the city of Bottrop after me? If not, they should change it to “hitchBOTtrop”. That would be amazing ha ha.

I am having such a wonderful trip so far. The people from Germany are just as friendly as my Canadian friends. Be sure to follow my German adventure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My friends at Galileo will also be sharing videos of my trip, so check them out.

hitchBOT deliver mail in the city of Bottrop

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