@Shebacr: One of the best parts of hitchhiking: People you get to meet!

When I was in college, me and my friends used to hitchhike a lot. The longest trip we took was from Querétaro, in México, all the way to Tikal, in Guatemala.

We arrived there after many days, and after having met many many kind people. All of them were so generous I don’t know which one to name first: the Mexican police officer who helped us when one of us lost a backpack; the guy from Belize that took us in his house for the night, the wonderful family in El Remate, in Guatemala, that invited us to dinner, the Honduran immigrants who shared a boat across the river with us and told us of their journey, the truck drivers who covered us with their blankets during a night ride…one would think those were dangerous places and dangerous situations, but in the end it was great to have found so many friendly and kindhearted people.

That was one of the best trips of my life!


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