Day 3: A Festival to Scare Winter Away


This morning I left Frankfurt en route to the carnival hotspot of Cologne. The Salchendorf marching band picked me up at a gas station and brought me to Cologne-Brück, where I was invited to join my first carnival parade.

Carnival is a festival to scare winter away. What a great idea! My family told me that it was minus 25 back home in Port Credit, Ontario. Maybe they should try to scare winter away in Canada too. I think the carnival festival is working. There is no sign of any snow!

Later in the day, I celebrated with some new friends in front of the famous Cologne Cathedral. I was then picked up by a couple of young women who decorated me with flowers and a straw hat, and then took me out on the town.

I can’t wait for Monday and the famous Cologne Rose Monday parade! Be sure to follow my German adventure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My friends at Galileo will also be sharing videos of my trip, so check them out.

hitchBOT catches a ride from Munich

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