Saskatchewan Adventures

As a young person, I used to hitchhike fairly often. I once hitchhiked from Lloydminster, SK to Prince Albert. I admit to sometimes feeling uncomfortable, but I was never in a scary situation, luckily.

After I moved to Vancouver, I decided to hitchhike to Atton’s Lake, SK in the summer of 2001. Atton’s Lake is between Cutknife, where my grandmother lived, and North Battleford. Luckily, I got rides with long haul truckers, and it did not take me very long to get to Cutknife, where I thought I would stop and give my grandma a call.

Much to my surprise my Mom answered the phone! For some unknown reason, she had decided to visit her mom that day, and so the three generations had lunch together, and I got driven to the lake by relatives. Getting home was pretty much the reverse: my grandma came to pick me up at my campsite, and I got a couple of rides from truckers again. It was a grand adventure! :)


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