Media Coverage

See what journalists have said about hitchBOT’s hitchhiking adventures.

Canada Trip

Jun.16.2014 | NBC News | Thumbs up! hitchBOT the robot plans to hitchhike across Canada
Jul.27.2014 | CBC News Nova Scotia (Video) | hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot, bums 1st ride
Jul.30.2014 | National Post | hitchBOT Update
Jul.30.2014 | Toronto Star | hitchhiking robot makes progress on cross-country quest
Aug.22.2014 | The Canadian Press | hitchBOT completes Canadian road-trip in Victoria
Dec.19.2014 | Harvard Business Review | What a Hitchhiking Robot Can Teach Us About Automated Coworkers
Jan.17.2015 | Ontario Science Centre | Roboticize Me:
see the world premiere of the documentary film

Germany Trip

Feb.13.2015 | Deutsche Welle | Robot tours Germany
Jan.19.2015 | The Toronto Star | HitchBOT takes robot road trip to Germany
Jan.19.2015 | CBC News | HitchBOT heads on adventure in Germany
Jan.19.2015 | ProSieben | ProSieben-Wissensmagazin “Galileo” holt hitchBOT exklusiv nach Deutschland
Jan.21.2015 | Spiegel | Trampender Roboter: Der Hitchbot kommt nach Deutschland
Feb.13.2015 | Autobild | Hitchbot auf Deutschland-Tour
Jul.27.2014 | Zeit Online | Trampender Roboter ist jetzt auf dem Weg nach Westen

Netherlands Trip

June.05.2015 | TV Enschede fm | Robot HitchBOT start Twente-trip bij Twente Biënnale
June.03.2015 | PC Online | Roboter springt leichtfüssig über Hindernisse
May.29.2015 | Tubantia | Ga jij met Hitchbot op stap in Twente?
May.26.2015 | De Week Krant | Canadese robot viert creatieve vakantie in Twente
May.26.2015 | TV Enschede fm | Canadese robot te gast op Twente Biënnale

USA Trip

Jul.17.2015 | CBC News | HitchBOT to start U.S. journey after travelling Canada, Europe
Jul.17.2015 | The Washington Post | Can robots trust humans? A hitchhiking bot will find out.
Jul.17.2015 | TIME | Hitchhiking Robot Embarks on a Coast-to-Coast Tour
Jul.17.2015 | People | Pull Over for hitchBOT, a Hitchhiking Robot Embarking on a Coast-to-Coast Tour of the U.S.
Jul.20.2015 | Discovery News | Hitchhiking Robot Embarks on U.S. Vacation
Aug.01.2015 | BuzzFeed News | Canada’s Adorable Hitchhiking Robot Was Attacked In Philadelphia And It’s A National Tragedy
Aug.02.2015 | ABC News | Hitchhiking robot’s cross-country trip in US ends in Philly
Aug.02.2015 | People Magazine | RIP HitchBOT: Hitchhiking Robot Destroyed in Philadelphia During US Tour
Aug.02.2015 | Global News | Canadian hitchhiking robot destroyed on trip across US
Aug.03.2015 | BBC News | BBC World Service – Newsday, RIP HitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot
Aug.03.2015 | Associated Free Press | The demise of hitchBOT: ‘Bad things happen to good robots’
Aug.03.2015 | CBC | Surveillance footage purported to show HitchBOT’s death called into question
Aug.03.2015 | Late Night with Seth Meyers | Monologue Joke: “Yo hitchBOT, Smell You Later”

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