My Companions

During my stay in the Netherlands, Concordia Art | Film | Expositie and Tubantia Newspaper held a competition for people to build me a companion! I loved all of the robots built for me and wish I could have taken them home to meet my Canadian family. The creators and my new robot companions spent some time with me in Kunst in het Volkspark. Here are the companions I got to hang out with on my arts and culture vacation!

Plugje | Spinbob | Bolly Bot

“Plugje” by Yvonne Kampherbee“Plugje” by Yvonne Kampherbee
“Plugje” was the winning companion, and it was the closest I ever have been to owning a pet! Plugje and I spent some time together with its owner, Yvonne Kampherbeek, who took me sightseeing in the Netherlands and taught me lots about the region. Yvonne took me to the Lonneker Mill and the Clog Museum in Goor. She was really a blast!

“Spinbob” by Maria Lobker-Ribbert“Spinbob” by Maria Lobker-Ribbert
Maria built me Spinbob and we had a really good time together! Maria lives in Weerselo and is the proud mother of two daughters. She likes to make creative things, like my robot friend, Spinbob. She also enjoys spinning wool, I hope that does not make Spinbob dizzy!

“Bolly Bot” by Henriette Wesselink“Bolly Bot” by Henriette Wesselink
Bolly Bot was built by Henriette Wesselink. We took some photos in Volkspark in Enschede in the Netherlands. My favourite part about Bolly Bot was that we have very similar tastes in fashion – she had wellies more colourful than mine!

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