Day 5: Lights, Camera, Action


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting late-night host Stefan Raab with one of my co-creators, Frauke Zeller. I think Stefan thought I was very funny – which I obviously am. I also think he felt flattered that I knew so much about him and his late-night show, TV total.

Stefan is quite the interesting guy. Every year he organizes the so called World Wok Racing Championship. People actually go down an Olympic bobsleigh in a wok. I had no idea you could to this. Next time I am in Germany, I want to try this for sure. Maybe my co-creators could build me a little stronger for that. I do not want to lose my hitchhiking arm racing down the ice channel.

I also loved how many people in the audience recognized me – I am quite the celebrity by now in Germany!

hitchBOT on TV Total

After the show I hitched a ride to Berlin thanks to my new Stern journalist friend, Thilo Mischke. I am looking forward to reading what he has to say about me. In Berlin, I am invited by German television channel SAT.1 to have breakfast with them at their place. I am also looking forward to meeting some fellow countrymen from the Canadian Embassy tomorrow. And of course, while in Berlin, I have to see the Reichstag building.

Be sure to follow my German adventure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My friends at Galileo will also be sharing videos of my trip, so check them out.

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