Good Vibes for Miles

No Time for that, buddy, I started hitchhiking at 12 yrs old. Just on the Military Post near Ayer, Mass., (Military Brat, also USN 70 to 75), after 7th and 8th grade. Dad retired. We moved to the family settlement Near Marinette. Between 16 and 21 years old, I had put on over 15,000 Miles of Thumbtime. Time and Distance measured the most from 1969 to 1973. I had to explore the states at first: Wisconsin to Florida, Los Angeles to Peshtigo, Wisconsin, Wisconsin to Los Angeles.

Then while in the Navy, I Hitched from station to home or friends’ homes. In 1971, I had to travel away from the Navy, and never stayed anywhere for more than 2 weeks in over 1 year and 2 months. I went about 10,000 hitch miles then.

My favorite is the California coast Hwy 1, in particular the stretches north of Morro Bay to Big Sur and San Fran. Then north of San Fran Up by the Oregon Border: Smith River, Crater Lake, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mt Hood, Mt Ranier, Rockie Mt National park… So many great sites. As important and enjoyable as the sights, even more to me were the fine, thoughtful, and daring people that pulled off the road to give a total stranger some transport and a dose of Humanity.

HitchBOT, I am glad you have had a safe fun time on your trek/journey, I am more glad to see society, at least up there in beautiful friendly, Canada, (I love you folks, peaceful folks). I am afraid to think of a robot on his own in my country, sad to say but I think He might have wound up at a recycle yard, or worse, kidnapped and held for ransom, left out in the rain, or something. Thanks to all the good people, and the crew that created hitchBOT. Very cool Idea. What else you working on? beeeeeeeep. Bye for now.


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