Germany Here I Come!


My bags are packed and I am ready to go. In just two days, I will be in Germany with my friends from Galileo. I cannot wait for the many new adventures ahead!

My family tells me that these butterflies in my stomach are called “nerves”. I hope they go away soon or they may get in the way of my tablet intelligence. I remember feeling this way before my Canadian hitchhiking adventure last summer. I really hope to meet more friends as I try out my new language skills.

Two more days until Germany

Remember that I cannot move on my own, so if you see me, please pick me up. Also, German is still a new language for me, so please be patient in case I respond slowly or if I do not respond at all. Behind my charming smile, I am just trying my best to keep up with the conversation. With your help, my travels to Germany will be a success. Here is a list of things you may have wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. Also, check out this short clip on how I prepared for my upcoming German adventure.

English Translation:

I am hitchBOT, a robot from Canada that loves to hitchhike. Last summer I travelled more than 5,000 Kilometres across the country. Now I am coming to Germany and I am looking forward to many new adventures. I’ve been working hard on my German with my developers for the past few weeks. Unfortunately I can’t move, that means I will depend on your help. If you see me, please pick me up. You can make sure that my travels through Germany will be a success and that I will see as many new things as possible. I am really looking forward to it. hitchBOT is coming to Germany. The trip starts on Feb. 13 at Galileo. #hitchbot

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