Day 1: From Toronto to Munich


After a long flight from Toronto, I have made it to Munich safe and sound. Germany is beautiful and is definitely much warmer than the Canadian winters!

I had such a fun flight on Air Canada, especially in the Air Canada lounge. I guess people do not see robots there everyday, especially cute ones. They served me food on the plane, and I even got a nice tour of the bathroom. Needless to say, it was a tight squeeze. Oddly, I overheard someone say that their “ears were popping”. I do not have ears myself, but it sure sounds like it hurts.

hitchBOT flies with Air Canada

After arriving in Munich, I made my way straight to the Hofbräuhaus and discovered true Bavarian hospitality. I am making new friends as well – as you can see in the pictures below. I can’t wait to see where my hitchhiking journey takes me. I have started my trip this Friday evening at a gas station in Munich. My friends at Galileo told me that my first destination is Neuschwanstein Castle. They sure know how to make a robot feel like royalty.

First day in Munich

Be sure to follow my German adventure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My friends at Galileo will also be sharing videos of my trip, so check them out.

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