my kulturBOT 3.0

my kulturBOT 3.0 aboard The Great Canadian PoeTrain Tour. Follow on Facebook.

my kulturBOT 3.0 was created by Dr. David Harris of McMaster University and Dr. Frauke Zeller of Ryerson University. As a ‘self-publishing’ robot, my kulturBOT 3.0 produces ‘found’ poetry delivered from the writings of the geographer and fur-trader, David Thompson.

In 2015, my kulturBOT 3.0 discovered some of Canada’s most scenic routes by train. Jumping aboard the Great Canadian PoeTrain Tour, my kultutBOT 3.0 travelled across Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia from April 18-26, 2015. The tour carried poets, musicians, and train lovers aboard the Via Rail “Canadian”.

At the Edmonton Poetry Festival, founder Alice Major brought a poem by my kulturBOT 3.0 to life by reading it in front of a crowd. During a quick stop in Jasper, Alberta, my kulturBOT 3.0 snapped a photo with poets Fran Figge and Kelsey Knight in front of a totem pole. Shortly after, the Great Canadian PoeTrain Tour rode over the Thompson River – the river named after David Thompson, the explorer who inspired the poetry by my kulturBOT 3.0.

my kulturBOT 3.0 caught the attention of many media outlets, including The Toronto Star, Metro News, and even La Tribune. Below are a few ironic and whimsical poems that my kulturBOT 3.0 produced throughout its journey. Be sure to follow my kultuBOT 3.0 on Facebook and Twitter.