Dinner with Dad

During the 1980s my father lived in Sudbury, ON, while all of his six children lived in Sault Ste. Marie. One Saturday night he won a pot of money at the Sudbury Downs and, feeling in a celebratory mood, even though he didn’t have his own car, he decided to hitch-hike “home” to The Soo.

With no cell phones back then, somehow the word still spread that dad was in town and he’d had a big win at the racetrack and we all gathered at the Husky truck stop on Great Northern Road for burgers and fries and gravy. When it was over, he hitched a ride back. Too bad he didn’t win enough to buy himself a car! But Dad always enjoyed his hitch-hiking adventures and, amazingly, he always met interesting people who wanted to tell their stories and preferred not to drive alone.


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