Amazing Generosity of People

I was in the USAF, stationed in Springfield, MA. My girlfriend and my family were in the Buffalo area. I would pack a few items in my bag, dress in a uniform and take along several signs, “Buffalo” and “Springfield.”

I met a lot of families who would give me a lift. We’d have nice chats as the 400 some miles were covered. I met a truck driver who took me from Buffalo to the spot where he had to go south and leave I90. He made the same trip each week and gave me his phone # and offered me a ride anytime. One gentleman offered to buy me a meal. People would tell me about their experiences in the military. One gentleman took me directly to my folk’s driveway- about 15 miles away from the expressway.

When I came back to the USA after my Vietnam service and bought a car again, I returned the favor as often as I could for other people in uniform. I had great experiences and thank God that I safely made those trips, thanks to the fine citizens of the USA.


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